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We are a global team of industry experts and marketing specialists. On My-Headhunter, our experience is bundled at the most diverse levels and combined into a platform specializied in headhunting. You too can benefit from this diversity and expertise.
Our principles
The headhunter industry has not been transparent. As a result, our mission is to bring together the best headhunters in the world with all the information you need for a variety of topics, giving you peace of mind that you’re making well-informed decisions.
We enable headhunters to make their competencies visible to everyone by disclosing the reviews of their clients and candidates. The most effective proof of credibility and professionalism.
We help you make critical decisions with confidence by guiding you to the right partner. Whether you’re looking for the best talents or to develop your career.
The headhunter industry is a reflection of our society. As we live in a diverse world our goal is to make it possible for everyone to find their trusted partner.
Our story
The world is facing huge challenges and the demand for companies of having the right leaders in the right position is more crucial than ever. We believe, that Headhunters belong to the group of people who are the main drivers of this dynamic change.
Our customers want an effective solution for their career or their next hiring. Here’s how My-Headhunter supports them in this process.
Yukiko Ichikawa
Finance Director
My husband got a new job in Canada and so I looked for a headhunter who also speaks Japanese. It didn't take long and I had my new dream job.
Jonas Quandt
Managing Director IT Company
We were looking for the right headhunter to find developers for our new location in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to My-Headhunter we saved a lot of time and money.
Caitlyn Walker
Headhunter Financial Services
Finding new clients was never easier. The perfect marketing tool to get recognition beyond my network.
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