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Jean-Charles Nantier

Managing Partner
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Über Jean-Charles Nantier

Managing Partner bei Alexander Hughes
Jean-Charles Nantier is Managing Partner at Managers by Alexander Hughes and seats on the firm global Management Committee. Jean-Charles worked first as a Client partner for 3 years at Managers by Alexander Hughes and has demonstrated his ability to significantly lead new development strategy and new businesses. With a deep corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he is a result-driven leader with a strong interest in developing and sustaining trusted client relationships. As a seasoned experienced executive, Jean-Charles has held several sales and management positions at local and EMEA scale, especially for leaders’ companies in the industry, automotive and consumer goods sectors. His early career experience was in entrepreneurship and franchising which allowed him to develop a real customer centric approach as well as long-term and successful partnerships. Leading the Managers by Alexander Hughes subsidiary, Jean-Charles drives the team to improve in-depth understanding of client’s objectives and offer them greater talent solutions . Jean-Charles is graduated from EDHEC Business School and holds both a Master degree in International Business from the university of Lille and a BA in Marketing and Management from the university of Utrecht (the Netherlands).
Arbeitet bei Alexander Hughes
Branchen Industry Consumer Markets

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Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit Jean-Charles Nantier