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Berkeley Davis

Managing Director
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Managing Director bei RETS Associates
Berkeley has learned to be nimble, efficient and self-sustaining during her decade and a half in the CRE industry. She started her career in 2000 at a boutique firm wearing multiple hats in asset and property management, leasing, acquisitions and more. Later, at The Irvine Company, she polished her property management prowess and moved to Bixby Land Company to lead the firm’s Asset Management function. Her experience and diversity across these three companies impacts every search she does at RETS. She treasures each relationship she’s built over the years, and since joining RETS in 2012, Berkeley has opened an office in Seattle, and now a new office in Denver. She touches multiple markets within...
Arbeitet bei RETS Associates
Property Management
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Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit Berkeley Davis

Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit Berkeley Davis