John Murdock

Senior Partner
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Über John Murdock

John W Murdock is a Partner with Executive Search Partners, a nationwide search firm, specializing in senior Information Technology appointments. Murdock, like all ESP partners, distinctively draws on his thirty years of experience as a former IT executive and business leader. Having successfully acquired, built, and delivered business enabling solutions and services to large multinational Insurance and Banking companies. Such as, CIO VP and Board member at GMAC Insurance; VP IT for Wells Fargo; VP IT for Huntington Bank; and President for insurance solutions provider Majesco. Since Murdock "grew up" in IT, and then effectively transitioned to executive search, he understands what it takes at...
Information Technology
Branchen Information Technology
Professional areas Board Chief Information Officer

Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit John Murdock

Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit John Murdock