Adam Rosenthal

Senior Director
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Über Adam Rosenthal

Senior Director bei SkyWater Search Partners
I am currently a Director overseeing IT Recruiters along with being a full desk recruiter for SkyWater Search Partners, a Minneapolis executive search firm. I assist Minnesota based companies looking to add strong technical talent within their organization. Typically, I work with smaller to mid-sized companies approximately 20-500 employees, specializing in recruiting and placing top IT talent in full time permanent positions. When he’s not in the SkyWater office, one can often find Adam on the bike trail. It is said that the infamous Road Runner owes his success against Wile E. Coyote to Adam, who pedals ahead and reports road conditions back to his speedy understudy.
Chief Information Officer
Branchen Technology
Professional areas Chief Information Officer Chief Technology Officer

Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit Adam Rosenthal

Bewerten Sie Ihre Erfahrung mit Adam Rosenthal